One of the key milestones of parenting is when adolescents need to make career choices, and set their future goals. It is at such times that a need for a clear vision becomes significant. Personally, I remember, my own parenting milestone when my son announced to me that he wanted to be a rock star, this announcement pulled the rug from under my feet: “After all I had done to coach him into pursuing an academic pathway at university?“ my mind was reeling… and I wondered what had inspired my son. That was 3 years ago, today my son is passionately studying Law, Finance, and Music and is pursuing excellence in all these areas.

In the bible, Habbakuk waited on the Lord for a vision: “And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run that reads it.” (Habakkuk 2: 2) from this and many other biblical examples, we learn that God used vision to give a clear idea as to what direction to “run”.

With the importance of a vision in mind, how do we inspire vision in our youth to make the right career choices? I encourage parents and students to attend the open days offered at university and TAFE, to speak to friends in jobs of interest, to explore any career aspirations the students may have. The more students are immersed in what opportunities are available, the more they will start to formulate a vision.

Recently, the Year 10s were taken to a Career Expo, TAFE and University to inspire direction, and in extended form, teachers have been continually interacting with the students on goal setting and career goals, the culmination of this is a Year 10 course guidance evening at SCBC.

On the 21 June 2016 we will be holding a Year 10 Subject Selections Evening in the Secondary Science/Maths building starting at 6.30 pm. The Year 10 students and parents are invited to hear from University, TAFE and Instep presenters about the opportunities available on each pathway. This evening will also provide guidance to parents and students as to which pathways are recommended according to individual academic performance. Each student will receive a guidance package, and a subject selection form to fill in for 2017 subjects. Time will be given to students to review and finalise their decisions in the ongoing weeks as they meet with Mr Oates, and receive advice from staff.

A clear idea provides direction and creates understanding of what is needed to head towards the target. Once students have a clear vision of what is needed, they can target what needs to be done.

Key Secondary Events
Year 8-10 exams: Friday, 27 May – 1 June
Teen Challenge: Talk on Drug Abuse Thursday, 26 May
Science ICAS: Wednesday, 1 June
Inter Cross-Country: Thursday, 2 June

Cheryl Thomas
Head of Curriculum