On Friday the 13th of May the Pre-Primary classes went on an excursion. A very excited PP2 hopped on the school bus and were very well behaved on the hour and a half trip to Scitech. Once at Scitech we ate fruit and played in Discoverland where our builders and mechanics were allowed to push, pull, twist and turn to move bricks and balls around the area.

We then went to a puppet show about the weather. We learnt how the puppets moved as well as how the sun evaporates the water that the animals in the bush want to drink. We then went to explore the ancient world of dinosaurs. The robot dinosaurs were exciting and a little scary! We saw what dinosaur fossilised eggs and footprints, even the stomach contents of some dinosaurs. The best part was being a palaeontologist and digging to find fossils.

After Scitech we travelled again on the bus to Kings Park to have lunch and a play in the Ivey Watson Playground. We loved playing on the Pirate Ship and in the castle. An amazing time was had by all and we would like to extend our thanks to the parent helpers for the day.Scitech PP2