At the end of last term we were privileged to have Sean W Smith bring his faith and talent for entertaining children through music to our school. After his concert in the hall we were blessed to have him come and visit our classroom. The children were able to ask him about his faith and his music. They found out that he was a teacher who was called by God to bring the truth of who God is to children through his music. He shared some of his story and how he wrote some of his songs. It was a very encouraging visit for the students as they realised that God directs and leads lives if we invite Him to.


Sean W Smith visits the Year 3 students

One of the highlights of each week is when all of the Year Three classes come to our class and we sing worship songs together. We discuss what the words of the songs mean and what God might be wanting us to learn and be able to use in our lives each day. We also use this time to practice the song for the assembly for the following Friday. The Year Three students lead the school in worship at each assembly which is a responsibility they enjoy.


Year 3’s enjoy Praise and Worship

In a similar way we have been learning Christian songs during the term as a part of our devotional time. We listen to a selected song, read the words on the screen and then have the children give an interpretation of what the song means or might be teaching us. We also try to bring understanding to what God may be wanting us to learn. There is so much that the children are learning as they do this. They are practicing their reading, interpreting the words on many different levels, applying lessons learnt to their life and enjoying awesome music that is uplifting and encouraging.

Mr Kim Turton