In Week 7, our Secondary students celebrated the wonderful world of books, participating in a range of activities for Book Week. The Book Character dress up competition was a great success, with approximately 40% of our high school students choosing to take part. The range and quality of costumes on display were terrific. Honourable mentions must go to Natasha Ackerley, whose Mr Tumnus the Faun costume was a show-stopper, and David McBride’s terrifying zombie costume, which was a little too convincing for comfort. Shaylah Ryan-Sherriff’s excellent “Diction-fairy” costume won extra points for also including a pun. Year winners for the costume competition were:

Year 7: Jonathan Fallows;
Year 8: Hadrian Pillay;
Year 9: Daniel Francis;
Year 10: Natasha Ackerley;
Year 11: Jordan Rayner and Shaylah Ryan-Sherriff;
Year 12: David McBride.

Year winners for the 7-9 Reading Log Competition included:
Year 7: Emily Watson;
Year 8: Patrick Lynch
Year 9: Xanthe Beacham

All winners received a $50 gift voucher for their efforts. Well done to all who took part.