We have had an amazing term in 4A! So far we have been to the Waste Management Centre which was really interesting. I learnt that you can’t recycle plastic bags. We also had Entrepreneur’s Day which was also a lot of fun. We raised $2450.75, all for the Kids Cancer Foundation! On Wednesday the 14th of September we had our Sports Carnival. It was loads of fun. I was very happy that Moses won. We have also had fun in class. My favourite thing was making board games. We have had an amazing term this term.

By Lola Render


I think that this term has been one of the best I’ve ever had! First, we had our excursion to the Waste Management Centre. We went on a terrific tour around the wasteland and learnt how to recycle better, it was great fun! Then we had Entrepreneur’s Day, we set up stalls on the basketball court and in the end we made $2450.75 and it went to Kids Cancer foundation. To add on to that we also had the Sports Carnival. Everyone went in at least three events. At the end of the day Moses won. The parents were allowed to watch us as well. This term has been so much fun!

By Amelie Richardson