This year, we have taken delight in finding out more about our wondrous world that God has created.  We have talked about how He created it and discussed opinions of how we can help to look after it.  The topic has been integrated into all subject areas of our learning.

During T&E at the end of Term 3, we talked about how God created the sun and then discussed ways in which the sun and its heat source contributes to our daily living.  Then, we watched YouTube videos on Solar Cookers.  We made a list of things we needed to make one, and began collecting our cardboard boxes.  We used black card and aluminium foil inside the boxes to reflect the sun and cling wrap over the top to trap the heat, and keep the Seagulls out!

During English Writing, we wrote a Procedure Text.  This text explained exactly how to make a Solar Cooker.  In the last week of Term 3, we created our cookers!  Unfortunately, we did not have much sunshine in order to use them so we decided to wait for Term 4.  Thankfully, we had a beautiful warm and sunny day in week one and we were able to put our creations to the test.

We constructed delicious pizza using bread rolls as the base, tomato paste and grated cheese.  We warmed our boxes in the sun and then placed our pizza inside.  After an hour and a half of anxious waiting and chasing away the birds, the cheese had melted and the pizza was ready for taste testing!!  They were delicious!!

Some of us have taken our ovens home, or made new ones and we have melted chocolate and ice and even warmed sausages.  We think our next experiment will be to cook an egg, but we have agreed that the middle of Summer will be the best time for this!!