Dear Parent, Students and Friends,

It is always with a sense of sadness when the year 12’s have their last day at the College.  When you have a group of students depart, it leaves a gap in the culture of the College.  Not only do you miss the students, but the College is never quite the same.

The good news is, that by having gaps within the College, it allows other students to step up and fill them.  It is always good to provide leadership opportunities to new students as it allows them to grow and flourish within the safe boundaries of the College.  Student leaders are mentored from various College staff and provide a link between the student body and the administration.  In addition, student leaders learn to interact with a variety of people and learn valuable social skills.  This week we have been interviewing candidates to fill the positions of student prefects, and shortly, the process will be underway to select a new Head Boy and Head Girl for 2017.  It is always with much anticipation when these positions are filled as they bring new and fresh ideas on ways to integrate the various year groups and provide opportunities to have various House competitions.  All secondary staff look forward to working with this new group of leaders.

With a new group of year 7 students getting ready to come to the College, they too will help fill the void of the departing students.  The year 7’s are always so enthusiastic and filled with positive energy.  The incoming Year 7’s have their orientation day on Monday 24th October and we look forward to meeting the new students who will help shape the culture of the school for the next six years.

As exams are pending for many students, if students have not started to revise, it is never too late to start.  A revision plan is a great idea to retain information learnt previously and for it to be transferred into long term memory.

I wish all students the very best as they prepare for their exams and end of term activities.

Mr Trevor Darch
Head of Pastoral Care Secondary