We have had a wonderful semester in 1B. We have learnt lots of new things and have enjoyed exploring new concepts in our class investigations.  We have learnt how to write informative reports and researched some of our favourite animals. We have looked at our families and families from other cultures to see how they are different.

We have spent lots of time learning about our differences and how this makes us special, challenging our class to encourage each other and accept others for who they are.

Here are some of the things the students enjoyed this year;

The thing I liked the most this year was writing informative reports because it was interesting learning about sharks. I like Maths because it is fun. – Noah Skelton

My favourite things to do in class are reading, Mathletics and learning about 3D shapes. I like making the shapes and counting the edges and corners. – Noah Fawkes

This year I have enjoyed doing investigations because we get to learn and play at the same time. – Cody Donaldson.

I love going to assembly and watching other classes on stage. My favourite thing is investigations because they are fun. I also like sport and computer. – Mikayla Lambert

I like everything at school because we get to learn about God and do fun things like Maths and reading. – Mea Canhem

I really like doing Maths at school, mostly when we get to learn how to measure things in the classroom. I also like doing Art things like painting and drawing. – Charlie Mortley

I love adding up and subtraction. I love writing about what I did on the weekend. I also like doing investigations in class and using the iPads. – Harry Andrews