Students and staff were involved in a process to choose Senior Student Leaders for 2017. It was pleasing to have so many capable students nominate for the various positions. The Senior Student Leaders (Prefects) for 2017 include:

Shaylah Ryan-Sherriff – Head Girl
Jake Norris – Head Boy
Crystal John – Deputy Head Girl
Ben Fitzpatrick – Deputy Head Boy

Wanna Wanmee
Harry Collins
Janikah Turner
Cassidy Horne
Calvin van Niekerk
Graham Duxbury
Laura Rutherford
Maria Sullivan

Sports Prefects
Jordan Rayner
Elizabeth Ellery

Leadership is for all at SCBC

Some would say that leadership is the ability to influence others. Given that all of us influence others, sometimes for the better and other times for the worse, we are all leaders. As a college we are keen for each of our students to develop their leadership (positive influence) skills. A big part of this is staff assisting each student to identify and develop their innate God-given abilities and then encourage them to lead others in that area.