Our first ever SCBC Mandarin event – Mandarin Speakers Challenge was held on 14 September. It was exciting and encouraging to see so many students take up the challenge and give it their best shot. Other than the speech contest, there were a number of wonderful performances of songs, dialogues and poems.

Because of the high ability of the contestants, the judge had a difficult time to decide the winners. Eventually, Kyle C (1st), Dwayne C (2nd), Carys B (3rd) and Rebekah L (3rd) won the year 6 competion. Erin L (1st), Alex A (2nd) and Regan S (3rd)  won the year 5 competition. Prizes for the competition were in the form of ‘lucky money’ in a ‘hongbao’ (red packets) like the ones Chinese children get from adults during Chinese New Year. Hopefully, students will invest the money in a smart way, and will not spend them all in lollies – as what Chinese children are encouraged to do.

All contestants have shown their talents and will be encouraged to participate in another speech contest with other schools in a state competition next year.

Thanks to the students who practised and participated. This was a good experience for everyone and for some people the preparation for something bigger in the future.