Dear Parents,

Our school community has come alive with the sounds of shared laughter, heart melting smiles, and positive expectations. Your children create a delightful joy.

Last year’s Class of 2016 are congratulated for achieving many personal ‘wins’ including a collective median ATAR of 87.5%. Based upon reported ATAR scores in the West Australian Newspaper, SCBC would have been ranked 15th in the state if our Year 12 cohort was slighter larger.

All staff at SCBC are directly creating a thriving Christian community that inspires learning, as a means of transforming and empowering lives.

Underpinning every important decision we make at SCBC is the question: “Will this activity or event prosper our vision?”

Our mission is driven from our love for God. SCBC’s educational direction and guidance draws upon international best practice in both school effectiveness and school improvement. We are both guided by research, and maintain an active appetite to explore innovative ideas that could value-add to our student’s educational success.

You can expect from us:

High Expectations – for all of our students, especially your son/daughter.

Explicit teaching – your teachers design and deliver lessons that are intentionally pinpoint with both understandings and information. This includes play-based learning in early years education.

Effective Feedback – your children can expect feedback that directly relates to actual achievement.

Data informs practice – we are using data about your son/daughter’s achievements to strengthen the likelihood of his/her success. It’s a bad plan that admits no modification (Publilius Syrus).

Classroom Management – you can expect your teachers to major on the basics; being clear about learning objectives, clarifying what success ‘looks like’ for each lesson and learning experience, then attentively evaluating what they have understood.

Wellbeing – wellbeing is directly linked to achievement. Wellbeing is optimal health; spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and physical. We make decisions to inside the classroom and outside the classroom to help facilitate optimal health for individuals and groups of students.

Collaboration – We are preparing your children to be part of the global community. Robots are good at automation. Humans are experts in being innovative and enterprising. We are educating your children to gain satisfaction from working to their strengths. Having emotional intelligence to collaborate is essential and a high priority in all activities at SCBC.

The Bible reminds us to: ‘Never be lacking in zeal, but keep spiritual fervor [great warmth and earnestness], serving the Lord.’ (Romans 12:11)

We love seeing your children flourish.

Des Mitchell