Research shows that students enjoy improved outcomes when parents and school are able to work together proactively. With this in mind we’re proud to announce the introduction of a series of Parent Education Seminars (PES). The purpose of these seminars is to support your parenting, provide information on what students are being taught at school and further strengthen our community. Please find below preliminary details that will help you plan ahead.

Knowing, Loving and Understanding Your Boys 2

When: February 23, 6:30pm

What: In a follow-up to his 2015 seminar, Clark Wight returns to answer some of the most perplexing questions about boys. How can I get my boy to talk to me? How can I coax my boy out of his room? When should I give him ‘the talk’? How can I teach my boy to respect girls? This free informative session will provide opportunity for further conversation and is suitable for parents of both Primary and Secondary students.

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Protective Behaviours

When: March 16, 6:30pm

What: SCBC staff member and qualified Protective Behaviours trainer Cath Marwood is passionate about keeping our students safe. This seminar outlines the foundations of Protective Behaviours and what you can do as a parent to reinforce what is taught at school. It includes information on how students can identify early warning signs, know the difference between public and private and be persistent in asking for help if needed. The parent program touches on issues of sexuality and abuse. Suitable for parents of Primary students

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Finding Your Voice as a Mum

When: May 11, 6:30pm

What: Amanda Viviers is a mother, speaker, blogger and author who lives right here in Rockingham. She works with a group called ‘Kin Women’ who seek to engage women in a discussion about life. Being a mum can be isolating and filled with challenges. Who will listen? Come and join an informative discussion with Amanda on how you can find your voice as a mum. Suitable for parents of both Primary and Secondary students.

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When: June 15, 6:30pm

What: Cyber-safety continues to be a growing issue of concern for our community. Our speaker, Sgt Paul Trimble, is a local police officer and is all too aware of the abuse and real-life fall out that can come when the internet is misused. Do you know what your child is looking at online? Do you know how to protect your child when online? Do you know some of the loopholes used by perpetrators? Do you know the latest Apps children and teenagers are using to communicate with each other? If you’re not sure of the answers to these questions and want to remain up to date in your knowledge come and join Sgt Paul at this Cyber-Safety seminar. Suitable for parents of both Primary and Secondary students.

Knowing, Loving and Understanding Your Girls

When: July (Date to be confirmed)

What: Our girls are precious. There are unfortunately however a number of pressures that girls face that can sap confidence and self-esteem. Societal attitudes, social pressures and media images can have such a negative impact on girls at home and school. This seminar examines the developmental changes take place for girls K- 12 and provides practical ideas on how you can prepare your girl to face these challenges. Suitable for parents of both Primary and Secondary students.