Our Primary Prefects led the first Primary Assembly for 2016, on Friday the 10th of February. The prefects are already undertaking their duties for the commencement of the year and we are looking forward to their leadership. The 2017 Primary School Prefects are Darcy Clarke (Head Boy), Alexandra Avery (Head Girl), Kaisha Mirabella, Lilly Wilson, Paige Cover, Erin Lynch, Oliver Baker Forrow and Gabrielle Ellis (Prefects). Darcy and Alexandra will represent the College as members of the Rockingham Junior Council for 2017.

On Wednesday the 15th of February all Year 5 and 6 students voted in Primary Hose Captains for 2017. The results of this vote will be announced at the Year 1/2C Primary School Assembly this Friday the 24th of February.  The House Captains will be involved directly in carnivals and our Primary School House incentive program. I look forward to working directly with these two groups of student leaders across the 2017 Academic Year.