Parents please note the following guidelines and courtesy relating to afterschool pick up:

  • Do not park in disabled parking bays on College premise unless you hold a valid ACROD permit. It is not acceptable to park in these areas.
  • Between 3.10pm and 3.25pm the orange markers are placed out, and an education assistant assists with crossing. Do not pull up before or after the crossing assistant (adjacent to these markers) during this time. This area must be free for traffic flow at all times during these 15 minutes.
  • After 3.25pm the markers are removed (*2.45pm Tuesdays). At this point kerbside pickup adjacent to the front gate is permitted
  • Additional bays will become available in 2018 as part of the new STEM build.
  • Please show courtesy to others by adhering to these guidelines. Please note that you will be approached by a staff member if you fail to do so.