Last week the year 7 Humanities classes participated in an incursion focused on the purpose of archaeology in studying history. The incursion was run by two professional archaeologists from Archae-Aus and looked at the different things that we can learn about Australian history from artefacts found through archaeology. Part of the incursion included excellent opportunities for a more hands on approach style to learning. Students were handed many real artefacts relating to Australia’s history and were also provided an opportunity to conduct their own mock archaeological dig using large tubs of sand. Here is what some of the students had to say about the incursion:

“I used to think archaeology was boring but now I think it is great” Rohan Horne, 7A

“My favourite part was digging up old coins, cracked pottery, charcoal and rocks” Abigail Scarborough, 7B

“I learned how Aboriginals used smooth rocks to grind seeds and how they used sharp rocks for their spears” Hailee Cherrill, 7C

“…it was really fun because we got to dig up materials such as pennies and glass” Abraham Walsh, 7A

“We met Josh and Nigel who are archaeologists who explained what it is like to be an archaeologist” James Campbell, 7B

“I learnt how to measure artefacts using special tools” Maxwell Worswick, 7C