On Wednesday the 9th of March 347 of our 364 Year 2 to 6 students participated in the Primary School House Swimming Carnival for 2017. It is always fantastic to have such a high level of student participation at our Primary Carnival Days. The carnival was tabloid in its structure and involved several open heats of 100m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly, along with 50m age races in Freestyle, Breaststroke and Backstroke for our capable Year 3 to 6 swimmers. There were 64 of these events on the day.

Our Primary Swimming carnival also included several rounds of wet and dry novelty events, that took place in and out of the 25m and 50m pools, which ensures all of our Year 2 to 6 students to maximise water entry and student participation on the day.

It was wonderful to see a large number of parents attending this event and supporting their children on the day. Our highschool student helpers, parent helpers and staff are to be thanked for their essential roles on the day. Thankyou in particular to Miss Freemantle for her organisation of the event and to the Rockingham Aquatic Centre for use of their excellent facilities for this carnival.

Final House placings and individual age champions from the day arte listed below: