Term 1 is always a fantastic time to get to know the students and families in our class. In Pre-Primary Wonderful we have enjoyed individual students presenting a news poster about themselves and special places they like to go with their family. We have a world map in our classroom which helps us understand where people in our families were born. Before the end of the term we will go on a walk in our local community to help us understand and use our developing mapping skills.

Our class loves to pretend and retell stories through drama. Some favourites this term have been “The three little pigs”, “The great big enormous turnip”, “ in PP1Jack & the bean stalk” and “Goldilocks and the three bears” which ended with Goldilocks saying sorry and being invited to join the bears for breakfast! We have also enjoyed investigating the weather, art activities, learning the sounds of the alphabet and how to write them, lots of counting games and songs too! It was fun to investigate how germs spread using green glitter – we all know how important it is to wash out hands and that germs can spread everywhere!

On Friday afternoons we will have some special visits with our Year 5 Buddy Class. They have been once so far, they read stories with us and played dice games – they were a bit surprised how good we were at winning! Our aim in Pre-Primary is to have MAXIMUM learning and fun – we do this by having MAXIMUM respect, MAXIMUM attention and MAXIMUM safety! It has been a fantastic start to the year with many more learning opportunities and enjoyable school days ahead.