At the last assembly of Term One, the winning team for the NextGen Challenge was announced! The winners were ‘Hello Healthy’. (Team members in the attached photo from left to right:  (Jaide Hook, Anna Watts, Harry Pertwee, Lazar Spasojevic, Pacey Beacham, absent: Elise Hawkins).

The NextGen Challenge was held at SCBC from Tuesday the 28th of March to Friday the 31st of March. The team from Illuminate Education in Tasmania were at SCBC to deliver this exciting competition, in which students in Years 8 and 10 were presented with a real-world problem to solve: rising obesity levels and mental health issues in Perth’s southern suburbs. Working in multi-age teams of 7 participants, they needed to devise a business solution to this problem, with a budget of just $250,000. The teams needed to create a full proposal, budget and marketing plan for their product or service, and then pitch their ideas to two panels of judges. In the first instance the panellists provided students with advice and guidance and, after the final pitch, they decided upon the winning team. Over the course of these four days, students heard from visiting business and community leaders about their own experiences. Students were provided with insights that would prove invaluable not only for their NextGen projects, but also for any future entrepreneurial endeavours.

Students came devised some amazingly innovative ideas. The Challenge covered multiple aspects of The Australian Curriculum and allowed students to apply their understandings in a real-world context, providing a rich learning opportunity. A number of key 21st Century skills were also addressed, including creative innovation, team work, communication and inquiry.

Panelist photo: