Our enthusiastic Year 9 students made their way down to Scitech with their Science teachers last Friday, 5 May. It was a day of discovery and hands on experience with equipment not usually found in schools. They were treated to a highly interactive Planetarium viewing about the stars followed by some time to work with a large variety of the latest activities in the Rio Tinto exhibition. Later, in the CSIRO lab, Scitech staff shared an understanding of how miniature robots work and our students put their thoughts together to make their own maze for the robots. The day was a real success as we didn’t lose any students and the Scitech staff were happy with the enthusiasm of our students.

Thanks to Mr Choo, Mrs Barnabas and our pre-service teachers Mrs Claydon and Miss Sherwin. Special thanks to Mr Watts, Mr Posthuma and Mr Galambosi for taking time out to bus our students to and from Rockingham station.