What a fabulous class we have in year six. We have been busy learning about fractions and Cartesian coordinates in Mathematics and learning to write a persuasive argument in English.

In Science, we have been looking at physical and chemical changes in matter. One of our experiments involved trying to find ways to make an ice cube melt the fastest. The students thought of many interesting ways such as putting it in their mouths, sprinkling salt onto it and putting the ice cube under the dryer.

We are all very excited about Year six camp at Fairbridge farm in Week 5 and are looking forward to the fun adventures we will have there. Here are some comments the students made about the camp :

“I’m really looking forward to Year 6 camp at Fairbridge. Last year I went to the Year 5 sleepover but now this camp is longer. It’s really exciting.”
By: Tyla

“I am so happy that we’re going to camp. There is going to be tons of physical activities and I’m sooooo ready for the talent quest.”
By: Art

“I have always looked forward to year 6 camp since year 1. It will be a new and exciting experience. I look forward to the the talent show, flying fox, archery, high ropes course and the superman swing. I hope that everyone will have a great time while hanging out with their mates. “
By: Oliver