Are you looking for an excellent adventure or just some time away from home? Well, I have the perfect place for you!

Just recently my school South Coast Baptist College visited Nanga Bush Camp and I must say I had an awesome time. It was a great experience for me and my fellow classmates. Nanga Bush Camp is in the beautiful outback of Perth, just 90 mins drive from the city. At Nanga  Bush Camp they have nice dorms and exhilarating  activities. The activities include rafting, bushwalking, absailing, bike riding and hiking. These activities can help develop new skills and hobbies.

The main thing I got from this camp is that I need to try things out of my comfort zone because if I don’t  I will never learn something new. Nanga Bush Camp will help you to develop many lifelong skills. I definitely recommend going there someday because trust me you won’t regret it.

By: Tye Stanley

Year 7 camp at Nanga Bush, Dwellingup, was the best camp I’ve ever been to. Ever! We went abseiling, rafting, mountain biking, bush walking and on the last day we played table tennis, basketball and we went down a fireman’s pole. The abseiling was scary but as you go down a bit further you start to conquer your fear. Then before you know it, you’re at the ground. Rafting is a good challenge for your upper body strength and on the water we played some games like dodge ball [don’t ask me how] and some water races. Mountain biking is lots of fun and it is a good challenge. When you go mountain biking you go over lots of hills, up an extremely high hill and then allllllllllll the way down. Bush walking is an excellent way to exercise and learn about the nature around you, though I must warn you that it is extremely tiring. I know next year’s, year 7’s will have lots of fun at their camp too.

By: Rohan Horne  

Camp was a fun, educational experience where everyone tried their best in whatever way they could. We had an interesting first day looking at all of the bauxite ad how it was mined and turned in to aluminium at Alcoa mine site. The next day was pretty tough for green group though, as we went on a big ride on the mountain bikes. But everyone persevered and arrived back at camp just in time for lunch! Over all camp was an amazing, funny experience.

By: Ella