“SCBC will host another year of AFS Educator Program from China in August. This is a cultural exchange program for Chinese educator to come to our school and stay with a family to experience the authentic Australian way of schooling and living. This year we have chosen a 40-year old male teacher Dazhi from Shanghai, hopefully, this would inspire and encourage our boys to build a relationship with China and learn Mandarin. Dazhi has high qualifications and experience in teaching English to a tertiary school and has been awarded ‘teacher of the year’. His vibrant personality and rich cultural experience surely will be a rewarding experience for anyone who is in contact with him. We are currently looking for one or two host families to host Dazhi from 30 July to 26 August. It is open to all year groups. Last year we had a year one Steward’s family hosted our guest from China.

If you are interested in hosting for two or four weeks, please contact Darren Mudge on 0439 999 396 or at so Darren can then explain the program to you in details, answer any questions you may have. AFS is a non-profit organisation and therefore host families are expected to host as volunteers. However, the LOTE department of SCBC is willing to renumerate the host families for $100 per week.”