On Thursday, 1st June 1/2C, 2A and 2B visited the Fremantle Shipwreck Museum for an ‘Olden Days, School Ways’ history excursion. Here are some of our highlights!

“In the museum there was a big half of the boat and a piece of wood and on that piece of wood there was a security thing so no one comes in. There was a real live skeleton and upstairs there was like a little house, it was so special!” – Ivy Wright (1/2C)

“We had a tour of an olden day classroom with Miss Brown. We had to dress up in a white collar and the girls had to wear a dress and a hat. Then, naughty Teagan put marbles under Fletchers desk and one rule was you can’t bring marbles into the classroom. Teagan got three bad strikes of the hurtful cane. Then she checked your nails and Anthea had dirty nails so she had to wash her hands.” – Charlie Brayshaw (2B)

“I learnt that olden day life was really hard!” – Christian Curby (2B)
“We learnt how to wash olden day clothes and how to hang olden day clothes.” – Ziva Morley (2A)

“I loved the excursion, it was the best excursion ever.” – Alfie Lewis (2A)