Digital Technologies lessons involve far more than just sitting in front of a desktop computer learning how to word process. Students are no longer just passive consumers of technology, but are challenged to become the creators of the digital systems of tomorrow. This term students in the Primary School have been working on design projects with Sphero robots, including building cities for Sphero to navigate, constructing chariots for Sphero to pull, and sending messages in Morse code using Sphero’s flashing lights. Here is what some of the students have to say about working with Sphero:

“They are fun and can help kids with their education. It’s good to learn programming and how to create stuff” – Caleb 5A

“Spheros make programming enjoyable and it makes your imagination go wild” – Brody 5A

“It is pretty cool to be able to use different things in computing” – Jamie 5A

“It’s really fun” – Harry 4C

“Spheros are very smart intelligent robots that are very fun to play with. It is exciting to be able to program Sphero using the app” – Lily 4C