Dear Parents,

Rigorous minds, when engaged, can do significantly important, and valuable work. At SCBC, we are inspired by God’s rich and creative excellence.

We hope you are enjoying a great start to the new semester. It’s a joy for us to hear the laughter and banter of our young people, in all areas of the school.

As the Dad of 3 children now in their 20’s, I’m reminded that the school years are a transition towards adulthood; including further study, life-long relationships, and parenting.

I’ve just spent a week listening to industry leaders in the fields of community organisations, finance, medical science, state government, business, and law. We have a shared commitment to keep finding ways of building effective strength and improvement-related capacity. It’s been a great opportunity for me to hear a wide range of industry related stories; challenges, needs and wants.

Commonly, conversations started with a shared interest in children. A medical researcher nervously laughed as he shared how his son suggested to him that ‘dad’ needs to study hard, “just like I have to.”

Isn’t it interesting that our children are very clever at mimicking their parents, at any age. Make you a little nervous?

With our humanly imperfection in mind, I’m drawn to seeking God’s standard of excellence; personally, in family, work and recreation.

I suggest to you that His rigour, His compassion, His excellence can ideally equip each of us, and our children to significantly add value to our community.

Des Mitchell