The Mannafest trailer is run by the Hospitality students as part of their Cert 2 in Hospitality. They are cooking various food dishes once a week during term time cooking for the patrons and staff at the Salvation Army centre on Rae Road in Waikiki.  This amazing initiative aligns with colleges ethos of ‘Rigorous minds and Compassionate hearts’ by the students creating the trailer and then using it to serve and benefit the community. Students come away from the experience with an enlightened respect for those who are struggling with life and learn to do more for their fellow man. There were many business in the local area that have contributed to setting up the trailer with equipment and money.  I would like to thank and acknowledge these companies;

  • Compac Marketing for donating signs
  • Camping World and Complete Angler in Rockingham for supplying all the cooking equipment
  • Roger Cook MP for generously contributing $500 towards the crockery and cutlery
  • Retravision for donating the bar fridge and urn

Below is one of the students that has been on outing this year and this is the impact that it had on him.

My experience in the Mannafest trailer team is an eye opening experience that has made me realise all the opportunities and privileges that I have been given. All the people we met at the Salvation Army all have different story’s and backgrounds, everyone’s on their own mission. Listening to all the different people and hearing their trials and tribulations has given me a new understanding about how one bad decision can cause a lot of grief and sadness, this could happen to everyone and anyone by making one bad decision. Being able to help people that are going through a tough time and need some support is a honour and a privilege. Being part of the Mannafest trailer is a blessing, honour, privilege and an eye opening experience. Author- Calvin van Niekerk

If you are interested in helping with  this worthy cause on a Wednesday between 12.50 to 1.30pm please contact Mr Hywood at