In the morning when I got to school we had to go in the classroom and make sure everybody was there, then we hopped in the bus and we were on our way to ACTO gas industries.

Once we all arrived we hopped out of the bus and there was a lady at a gate waiting for us called Jayne. She introduced herself then she opened the gate and we went into a room called Blue Flame kitchen with two chefs behind the counter, Chef Dale and Lorraine.

We all sat down at these little tables with booklets and name tags for our whole class. Our first activity was making pizza dough. We did the with Chef Dale. Group 2 did fruit salad and ham, egg quiches.

After that we all went with Paul who was a worker and he showed us some things that happen to pipes and what goes through them and we got to make a hula hoop out of a gas pipe.

After that we went back inside to eat pizza and salad. We then watched Hayden and Chef Dale make real chocolate brownies. It was then over and we got to have a brownie and then we grabbed our stuff and went back to school and read a book till the end of the of the day.

By: Bailey Goss 5B

Recount on Blue Flame Kitchen Excursion

The day we went to Blue Flame Kitchen. The first thing we did on the day was that we got on the bus to go there. We were talking and giggling when we got there. Then we hopped of the bus and met this person called Jayne. She told us that we must be quiet so we don’t distract the workers. Then we went inside to meet the others Paul, Lorrain and Chef Dale who were all so nice.

First, Jayne talked about the company, what number to dial if you smell gas, (13 13 52) and gas safety. Then Chef Dale told us about knife and cooking safety, and after we split up into two groups. One group went with Paul to talk about gas and pipelines and the others stayed with Chef Dale and Lorrain to cook morning tea, pizza dough and the pizza sauce. We made the pizza dough out of 520g of strong flour, 14g of yeast, 14 of caster sugar, 200ml of Luke-warm water, 90g of milk, 90g of natural yoghurt and 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil, after that we ate morning tea. We had ham and egg muffins and fruit.

After we finished we went with Paul to learn about gas and pipelines. We learnt how to stop the gas and how to clean the pipes and we made a hula-hoop out of gas pipes! We saw a big truck that had a lot of stuff. After that we went to eat lunch. We had pizza and salad. I had 3 pieces of pizza but no salad. The pizza was yummy and after we finished we cleaned up. Then Chef Dale asked 4 people to come up. The game was called last Chef standing and Hayden won so he got to make the brownies. When he finished. When he finished we, all got a piece of brownie that was so yummy. Then we hopped back on the bus and went back to school.

Over all we had a lot of fun I would love to go again. By Kieran

By: Kieran