Term 3 seems to be flying by for 3B. We can’t believe that we have already finished half of the term! This term we are learning about the different climate zones of the world, Australia’s neighbouring countries, the Armour of God, chemical changes, first aid and much more.

We had a brilliant time in week 4 when SciTech came for our incursion. We developed our scientific skills as we sought to solve the mystery behind a troublesome crime scene. We were informed that a library book had been stolen and that it was vital that it was found as its contents was very dangerous in the wrong hands…or the wrong paws. The book could equip an individual with the information necessary to train humans! Evidence had been gathered from the scene of the crime and it was our mission to use this evidence to solve the mystery. We investigated hair strands, pipetted urine samples, analysed ink makeups and compared teeth marks. We knew that it had to be one of our four suspects. It had to be either Candela the Cat, Dotty the Dog, Karate Chicken or Gerald the rabbit. With all the evidence, some conflicting others, we developed conclusions of what occurred on the day of the crime. However, we were not fully prepared for the truly ingenious and cunning plans of the mastermind behind it all. As a class, we were surprised when we discovered the truth. Who would have thought that pets had the potential to create such havoc!

This term we have also had fun learning about first aid. We have learnt about what it is and who’s involved. We have also learned the steps that should be taken when helping someone who is injured or sick. As a class, we are looking forward to having more fun whist learning how to treat wounds, bandage injuries and help others who might have allergic reactions. If you happen to walk past our classroom and see 27 ‘casualties’ around the room, don’t be alarmed or  call 000, we are most likely having fun whilst learning to help others!