On the 3rd of August 6C along with 6A and 6B travelled into Perth City to visit the Art Gallery’s “The Rise of Sneaker Culture” exhibition to compliment what they have been learning about sneaker design in art. The exhibition featured 150 rare and iconic sneakers dating back from the 19th century through to 2017’s Adidas Yeezy range which were highly adored by many Year 6 students. The students viewed, sketched and designed their very own pair of sneakers in a workshop held by a local Perth artist within the gallery. A tour guide then took the students through the display of 150 pairs of sneakers explaining their significance in history. “My favourite [sneaker] was the Nike’s made from real gold. I couldn’t believe that they were worth over 1 million dollars! Who would even buy that!” said one 6C student. Another favourite amongst students was the Air Jordan’s range by Nike, where 31 shoes were on display to represent the number on Michael Jordan’s basketball jersey. This excursion allowed students to understand the significance of sneakers in Western culture and how they have impacted history.