Outdoor Classroom Day was on Thursday the 7th of September. Several of the classes in the Junior Primary participated in outdoor lessons in support of the day. This is an international worldwide campaign that emphasizes spending time and learning outdoors.

Some of the benefits of an outdoor classroom include:
Encouraging thinking and problem solving skills
Encouraging observation skills
Improvement in motor skills
Encourages a sense of attachment to place
Reduces stress and improves concentration

Zachary’s Story.

Ms Hart and the Year 2 class went outside to the oval. They were instructed to observe their surroundings. Some students saw a dragon fly, some ants and Zachary saw a caterpillar. Next, he carefully observed the caterpillar, drew a detailed sketch and then created the following story.

Once upon a time a furry caterpillar was climbing up a tree.

The caterpillar was trying to get a fresh leaf to eat but when he came closer he realised that it was a snake!

He ran and ran until a bob tail appeared.

It swallowed the snake whole.

He lived happily ever after.

The End

When he showed me the caterpillar he said he “thought it might be dangerous because it was spiky and black.”