Entrepreneur’s Day was held on Wednesday, 13 September 2017.  All Year 4 classes have been preparing for the last couple of weeks with a lot of help from parents and teachers. Everyone arrived at school, ready for an exciting day. Before the pre-primary students began their negotiations, roughly 20 stalls were set up ready for the day. The students showed unique entrepreneurial ideas with stalls ranging from delicious baked goods to target shooting with Nerf guns and water balloons. By midday most of the stalls had successfully sold out their merchandise, whilst the students showing immense enthusiasm and support for each other.

Some quotes from Year 4B students.

It was a gigantic success. Most of our stall sold out even before recess for high schoolers came out and it was for an awesome charity.  Atley, Davena, Keira and Jack

It was so incredibly fun! It was filled with laughter and fun. It was great to see the little kids using money.  Katy, Hannah, Tersha and Lillyanna

Entrepreneur’s Day was the best because we sold most of our stuff.  I loved hanging out with my friends.  Laila, Zoe, Jordan and Macy

It was great hanging and working with people we never do.  It was amazing to watch everyone with smiles on their faces having a great and amazing time.  Kaveen, Theo, Drew and Phoenix

It was great when the water balloons were thrown, we were soaked.  Chace, Curtis, Emin and Jacob

It was a fun, brilliant and memorable day.  Ashton, Mattheus, Archie and Alex

The total money raised was $2845.35 which will be donated to Guide Dogs Australia. Well done to all Year 4’s on this achievement!