On Tuesday the 8th of August, the students from year 5C went on a Science excursion to ATCO Gas. Students were split into two groups. They all had the opportunity to visit the Blue Flame Kitchen where they learnt many different food preparation and cooking skills using the gas stoves and ovens. All of the students made their own morning tea and lunch, consisting of savoury muffins, fruit platters, pizzas from scratch and chocolate brownies. It was fantastic to see the respect they showed to the Chefs in charge as well as the enthusiasm they had in the kitchen for all of the new skills they were learning.

When they weren’t in the kitchen, the year five’s were being taken on a guided tour of the gas station where they learnt about how gas gets to our houses, the dangers of gas use and what to do in the event of an emergency. Students were able to get hands on experience with the pipes and even got to make a hula hoop from the pipe to bring back to class! It was a fantastic experience for all.