Don’t you love it when a plan comes together. South Coast had four teams building cars for the Solar Car Challenge to be run at UWA on Friday, November 3rd.  Approaching the day we had serious concerns on whether two cars would make it to the start line. Under the guidance of Mr Watts, all teams got their cars up for the first series of races. Our teams were excited and tension was mounting as we tested our cars on the tracks, and wondered how we would fare against several good looking cars. Three cars won races against other schools while one car (by Justyn Hall, Hans Aguila, and Isaiah Edmonds) made it to the quarter finals. All teams learnt a lot from the experience and are keen to start early for next years competition. Tim Norris, Daniel Rutherford, Dylan Purcell and Samantha Kennedy won an award for their sleek environmentally friendly design.

This was part of STEM activities for 2017 and students are keen to participate in the 2018 competition.