On Wednesday 21st February, many parents/guardians and students gathered informally on the grass outside the new STEM building with staff from the Secondary School for a Parent/ Teacher ‘Meet and Greet’ afternoon to welcome in the 2018 Academic year.

The atmosphere was friendly and positive with many parents commenting on how happy their child was at South Coast Baptist College.  Another welcome feedback from parents was the appreciation of the excellent communication between teachers and home which enabled parents/guardians to know what was happening in the classroom, and how their child was progressing.

Parents/guardians were able to take a stroll through the new STEM building to see firsthand the wonderful new facilities for students to use in 2018, which enriches their learning experiences.  Many parents made the comment that they wished they could go back to school because they didn’t have anything like this when they were at school.

The Hospitality students again performed above expectations with a spread that drew much acclaim from all who attended.  This year we also had the music students entertain us with a repertoire of songs and jazz, including a number from three of our teachers, Caroline Crowther, Emily Frick and Saffron Maclou, which added to the welcoming ambiance of the afternoon.