We ask parents collecting and dropping off children to be mindful of safety & courtesy in the carpark and around the College grounds.

For safety reasons, drivers should pull into parking bays rather than stopping in the middle of the carpark for their child/ren to disembark to a vehicle.

Cross walks have been painted in the carparks for the safety of families to use when accessing the College grounds, therefore there is no parking or stopping on these. Vehicles with a valid ACROD sticker are able to park in the four bays outside the Auditorium (see picture below) and single bay near the ELC.

The ramp (pictured above), which is outside the Auditorium, is a ‘no parking’ zone.

We also remind parents who are in the main car park, that you can only turn left onto Gnangara Drive in the afternoon.

The congestion only lasts for a short period of time each morning and afternoon.  We thank you for helping keep our students safe.