Community; it’s great for our children’s education.

The below caption made me smile. We love seeing our children supported.

(We don’t have dogs on campus, but we may have a much smaller, college-pet in the future.)

Walking past a small group of parents, I shared with them something that I’d like you all to know. Your support helps our young people do their best work. You are also a timely encouragement to others; students, staff and other parents/carers.

I agree with the African saying that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Our combined togetherness creates a wonderful, safe, and supportive environment for our children. Just as written in the Bible (Philippians 1:3): ‘I thank my God every time I remember you.’ You are appreciated.

We have a very special community where there is a daily tidal surge of love into our college at the start of the day, then again at the end of the day; parents, family, and carers.

Your connection to your child’s world makes a profoundly significant, positive difference. It’s not about being on-campus, it’s about being in-touch with your son/daughter’s school life.

It’s worth reflecting on the power of a question. I created the below questions to encourage positive reflections, including appreciation and gratitude.

These are suggested positive questions for your children that can help you experience being more in-touch with their daily school life.

“What was the most enjoyable thing you did today? Why did you like it?”
“Who did you ‘hang-out’ with at lunch today? What is it that you like about your friend/s?”
“What did you learn today with your favourite teacher?”
“What was something good that you noticed today. Why did you think it was good?”
“How did you help someone today? What did you do?”
“Who do you find the easiest person to talk to at school? Why are they easy to talk to?”
“If you were to pray for someone tonight, who would it be, and why?”

Your involvement in your child’s education increases their enjoyment and achievement.

With support,

Des Mitchell