Last Friday our Secondary Student Council members attend a leadership conference at the Exhibition Centre in Perth. Here is a sample of what some of our upcoming, aspiring leaders thought of the day:

“Going to the National Young Leaders Day has definitely taught me a series of life lessons that will stay with me for a very long time. I was deeply inspired, and my outlook on life was changed in a positive way. I am really thankful that I had the opportunity to go.”
By: Lara Radic

“National Young Leaders Day 2018 was truly amazing. The speakers were fantastic and I learned and experienced so much. Not only did I discover more about myself and my potential as a leader, I also learned new lessons and skills to take with me into my future. I will never forget this amazing experience, and I was blessed to be given the opportunity.”
By: Anna Watts

The National Young Leader’s day was very inspiring, I very much enjoyed it and had so much fun. I recommend it to the primary leaders. I am happy that I got the opportunity to go.
By: Paige Cover