Out and About with 4B

Over the course of Term 1 and 2, Year 4B are investigating parks and choosing appropriate resources to design a playground.  The Design and Technology project that they are undertaking includes a playground which implements safe practice and makes use of suitable recycled materials.

To kick start the investigation, all year 4 students set out on a walking adventure to research and compare Fantasy Park and Gnangara Drive Park.  While scrutinizing the two playgrounds, students needed to analyze and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each park.  When arriving back at school, students wrote a QuickWrite about the two parks which enabled them to recall the days important information and observations.  Additionally, students completed a Venn Diagram to document the comparisons and contrasting facets of the two parks.

Using this information, students will develop and communicate their design ideas using selective user-friendly materials.  Using their annotated ideas, students will construct their own forward thinking modern park designs.

Below are a few quotes that were expressed by 4B students regarding their adventure to Fantasy Park and Gnangara Drive Park:

Gnangara Park is a small park with a tiny playground and not much shade.  The only good thing about it was the large oval field.  The playground was small and was mostly a sand pit.  There was a big swing which was cool, but no one really got on it.   Fantasy Park was larger, it had lots of space as well as many playgrounds.  Lots of cool statues.  As a group we agreed that Fantasy Park was much better than Gnangara Park (Addison, Casey, Tristan and Brodie).

Gnangara Park is a nice shady cool place to have picnics and play sports.  It has an extraordinary swing, it was nice, but needed more equipment. Fantasy Park was extraordinary, it had beautiful equipment and it would be good to have a family gathering because they have BBQ’s.  It was lovely because there was so much to do. (Mia, Jessica, Alfie and Josiah)

Gnangara Drive Park was not that popular, but the trees that made shade were lovely.  Fantasy Park was lots of fun especially the sculptures.  The tunnels were not immense, but we liked them (Deklyn, Emma, Chloe R and Hunta).

Gnangara Drive Park was very small, but it had good equipment.  Fantasy Park was immense with heaps of things to climb on.  They were both very fun, but most people liked Fantasy Park better (Chloe F, Bethany, Micah and Llia)