On Monday, 26th March 2018, the Primary and Secondary School celebrated Harmony Day. Harmony Day aims to recognise and celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity and promote the key message that ‘everyone belongs’.

The College was decorated with orange balloons and children’s artwork illustrating what Harmony Day meant to them. The students dressed in clothing that represented their cultural background or orange; the colour of Harmony Day. They engaged in a range of activities on the day including creating human graphs to represent the different nationalities in their class, completing a self- portraits to represent their cultural background, listening to music from around the world and reading books about children in different countries.

It was a great opportunity to acknowledge that we are blessed to have such a diverse community where everyone belongs. Students demonstrated open-mindedness, respect, appreciation and were very reflective of why we were celebrating Harmony Day. A big thank you to the parents for assisting your children in sourcing fantastic outfits for the day.  We look forward to celebrating it again next year!

Harmony Day through the eyes of the children at South Coast Baptist College

Harmony Day is all about belonging, celebrating diversity, differences and loving other cultures – Ariana 2A

Harmony Day is about celebrating other countries and cultures. – Ella 2A

We celebrate Harmony Day because we are from different countries in the world. –  Audrey 2C

Diversity is important because we can learn about different countries from others. –  Joy 2C

We celebrate Harmony Day because it is when other countries come all together and learn to love each other. –  Lana 2C