This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day (13th May), have you planned for the day? This special day is used to honor all the contributions that Mum’s put into the family and to praise their devotion. On that day, it’s Dads’ responsibility to think of some fun ways to celebrate with the family, making the moment special.

Here are some ideas to help Dads in making the day memorable:

  • Give Mum a day off – just let Mums sit back and relax, having all other family members to prepare for a special dinner on that day
  • Gather the generations – Unite all grandparents, aunts and uncle, all the ‘mum’ family members together for a joint celebration. (eg: going picnic)
  • DIY Mother’s Day crafts – Mums always like to receive personalized/handmade gifts from the kids. Dads can help the kids in making the presents. (eg: coffee mug mixers, soothing scrub, pounded flower tote)

Prepare a happy memories box – Buy a tin from the craft store and decorate it. Help kids to write some of their precious memories with Mum on cards, then put them back in the tin.