Dear Parents,

Thank you for helping our children have a great start to our best term so far. I know I can speak for the whole community when I say that you are deeply appreciated.

This year’s theme is ‘excellence through collaboration’. The year started with an exemplary concrete example of what we can achieve together. The STEAM (Science, Technology, Enterprise, Arts and Math) building is evidence of collaborative excellence. More recently, the current Primary courts upgrade too reflects the kind of dynamic innovation which has created continuous growth and support for our College community.

I recently visited the Italian province of Reggio Emelia, as a means of becoming more deeply knowledgeable and attentive of early years education. There were 400 other delegates from around the world. The conference focussed on the developmental learning needs of young children. They have developed an approach that is guided and informed by Neuroscientists, Psychologists, Economists, Political Scientists, and parents, all focussed into a practical framework, by their early years educators. The result is a very strong, shared sense of community responsibility for the early years of education.

Our early years educators at SCBC; Childcare and Primary are entrusted with a profoundly important period of time in a young person’s life; their child hood. We are committed to supporting ideal educational strategies that help our children flourish, to enjoy a wonderful childhood at SCBC.

The enrichment of our early years educators, especially their nurturing guidance in relationships, helps set up our children to become successful adults. They positively contribute to each of our students, helping them experiencing an affirming, purposeful, and engaging educational journey; a place where they can feel safe, and enjoy a sense of achievement.

As a community, we can also be very thankful for our senior educators, who skilfully create ‘concert conditions’ for our students to do their best work. In both the younger years and older years, our students know that their lives are unconditionally important and valuable; to God, themselves, and others. Their effectiveness is speaking for itself, evidenced by increased student engagement, buoyancy and gratitude. This year’s Ball was our best yet, and it’s not by chance.

On the 20+ hour trip into Reggio Emelia, I was able to continue professional readings drawn from empirical studies on what factors contribute to a flourishing community. I love learning! The gift of time enabled me to complete a 3,000 word research assignment. It’s a reflective review, providing me with the opportunity to further value and appreciate our increasingly thriving community at SCBC. One of the reasons I have continued studying is to help share with our students, a genuine love of learning.

Thank you again for a great start to the year, and an excellent start to this new term. As you probably have sensed, we are going somewhere together as a community. It’s very enjoyable. With our hearts and minds set on honouring God, we are journeying into a wonderful new season of accomplishment and achievement.

With appreciation for you,

Des Mitchell