A group of four girls from South Coast Baptist College were chosen to participate in a project sponsored by the Kwinana Industries Council Education Partnership, called iWomen, that aims to inform young girls about the different jobs they could have in the industry. They were part of a larger group of 28 girls from various schools that attended the project. On the 27th of February Vimbikai Chikava, Jariretundu Ndjavera, Leah Byl and Victoria Caltsounis all went to the Alcoa Social Club for an information night hosted by Debbie Hoey and Bridget Kelly.

The first two days of iWomen were the 15th and 16th of March. The first day consisted of many different icebreaker activities and splitting into the assigned groups. One of the icebreakers was a challenge to dress one member of each group as an industry worker using toilet paper. After lunch, we met a group of ladies that worked in the industry. We discussed the various paths and challenges they had to overcome and what the ladies liked about their jobs. The next day we went to Cockburn Cement and went on a tour. We met some of the ladies that work there and they showed us the machines that they got to drive. We climbed the refinery tower which is over 1 kilometer high. We had lunch courtesy of Cockburn Cement. Afterward, we went back to the social club and did some anti-bullying research as it was National Anti-Bullying Day. We also got booklets that were supplied by Supré.

The second two days were on the 21st & 22nd of March. We went to the Alcoa mine site and refinery. We were taken on the bus for a tour of the site and our guide told us what everyone was doing and how they operated. A lady showed us how she monitors the trucks and reminds them when to refuel. We went to a dam for lunch. The next day we worked on our resumes and practiced for the mock interview that we would be having later in the program. We also wrote our names in our notebooks and passed them around the groups so that everyone could write nice comments about each other.

The last two days of the project were the 27th & 28th of March. The first thing we did was hop on the bus and went to the Fremantle Ports where we split into two groups. One group got a tour of the Port building. We went to a conference room where a lady showed us a slideshow of different job options in the Fremantle Ports. The second activity was going to the Emergency Response Boat. We drove the boat around the harbor and even got to drive it ourselves. Once we got back we went into our groups and did a small activity where we were given various crafting supplies and asked to build a tower. The final day of the program was more relaxed. We were allowed to wear a free dress and got a pizza lunch. In the morning we were given a presentation about mental health. The rest of the day was spent writing and practising our speeches for the graduation later that evening. After our graduation, we were given a certificate of completion and a plant from Cockburn Cement.   We highly recommend this program to the next cohort.