We have had a productive and fun start to the year so far in 6B. We have set ourselves some inspiring goals, been tackling topics such as Micro-organisms in Science and covering Federation, Government and Asian Geography in HASS.

In Term 1 the class completed business projects from Federation times and submitted fantastic posters for blacksmiths, bakeries, cattle stations, dressmakers and more. The overall standard of work was impressive and Mrs Cooper could tell a lot of effort and hard work went into the research and presentation of these.

Term 1 also held swimming lessons and our carnival at the Rockingham Aquatic Centre. We had a fantastic time representing our athletic houses as well as playing the tabloid games in between racing events.

Mrs Beard has led the class in creating some beautiful affirmations to display at the top of our desks and it is a perfect reminder of how special, unique and loved we are. It is good to be reminded of our identity in Christ and the gifts and talents He has blessed us with. One of our devotion topics recently has been ‘Making good choices’ and the class has worked on some small signs to display around the class and to keep ourselves focused on making the best possible decisions in every situation.