Pre-Primary is such a wonderful stage of learning for children as they explore their environment and soak in so much knowledge. We have been learning to read, write and count, investigate with our senses and enjoy God’s amazing world!

We have particularly enjoyed investigating nature in our community this semester; Growing plants in our garden, including snow peas and mint to eat! We have learnt a great deal about local frogs and are excited to have a frog lake coming to our outdoor garden soon! Pre-Primary students each created and presented a book about living things and have enjoyed some live visitors to assist our learning and appreciation for animals. We have discovered what living things need, including some awareness of habitats (places and spaces.

Our skills to identify key features on maps have developed through our interest in Australian animals and the story “Possum Magic” as well as creating our own maps of our community and some frog lake designs. The rainy winter weather has been great to help our garden grow, collecting rainwater for our tadpoles and we love splashing in the puddles too! We love learning together and having fun in PP1.