Wow! The year is absolutely flying by for us in 2C! As we meet the halfway mark, it’s incredible to reflect on the fantastic learning we have achieved and are very excited for what’s to come. Here are some of our highlights so far.

We investigated what living things need to survive by experimenting with planting seeds in different soils and exposing them to different conditions. We have been carefully looking after our eight classroom plants and learning how much water, sunshine and love they need to survive. Our class is full of animal lovers so we researched what animals need to survive and created habitats to reflect their living needs. Our artistic talents shone through when we created plasticine models of animals and their offspring to compare their similarities and differences. It was fascinating to then look at photos of our families and identify all of our features and personality traits that are just like Mum and Dad!

Another highlight of our first Semester has been spending time with our Year 5 buddies. Every Tuesday, they visit us or we walk up to their classroom to learn from one another. Some of our favourite activities have been inventing a new food, creating promotional packaging, reading the Bible together, designing marshmallow pop stick catapults, researching our favourite animals on the internet and completing an animal report.

We have also enjoyed meeting up with 2A and 2B to participate in Year 2 activities. The last day of term is always our favourite as we battle it out in physical, problem solving and academic challenges that test what we have learnt this term. We have achieved second place in Term 1 and 2 but have our eyes set on 1st place this term!

Buddy Time Reflections:

Buddy time is important and fun because I get to learn new things like writing an animal report which was my favourite activity because I like lions and my report was about them. – Eva

Buddy time is important because you meet new friends and learn about sharing and working together. – Laylah

My favourite buddy activity has been making paper planes and then having a competition. – Caleb

Buddy time is when we work with our buddies in 5C. It’s important because we learn new things with our buddy and we always learn lots of new things.  – Noah

Buddy time is important because we learn to cooperate with each other. At buddy time, we help each other with tricky stuff. – Joy

At buddy time, I’ve learnt how to make paper planes and type on the computer but my favourite thing to do is nature play because we get to play together. – Mwansa