On Thursday, 28th June 2018, Peter & Amanda Lyndon-James attended the last Chapel Service for Term 2.

Peter spoke about, “every circumstance you face determines a choice that you will have to make, that will give you an outcome. Often the right choice is the hard one”.

Circumstances + Choices = Outcome

Peter is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the West Australian Shalom Group (a men’s residential rehabilitation program).  He is also the author of “Tough Love: Tackling addiction and seeing change”.

Shalom House was born out of Peter’s vision to bring holistic recovery to the lives of men, providing a long-term safe community for those pursuing a life free from addiction. Peter established the first Shalom House in the Swan Valley in 2012. He drew inspiration from his own life experience, recovering from a broken family and associated trauma.

Through a personal life changing experience that could be best put down to a divine intervention, Peter made that hard choice to abandon his old life and start doing what he knew was right. In 2001, he was released from jail for the last time. He began working to right the wrongs of his past and changing his patterns of behaviour. After three years, Peter obtained his advanced Diploma in Theology, becoming a Chaplain at Acacia prison. He had broken free from that life and was on a mission to see others set free.

Peter dedicated himself to helping men who also felt trapped by the circumstances and choices of their lives; the type of men who required intensive attention and support to overcome life controlling issues and addictions that made their lives unmanageable for them and their families. Over time he found that a live-in restoration program was necessary to help them change their lives.

Peter’s life has been transformed by God’s love.