For our Community Fete on the 15th September, we have allocated market stalls and are looking for interested stall holders. There are also a limited number of spaces for food vendors/food stalls.

Please visit our website for the Application & Information

2018 College Community Fete

email our Marketing Team to obtain the Application & Information


Please tick
 Undercover Stall including Trestle Table (non-consumables)
 Food Van/Stall (Consumables – Council Application required)
Business Name:
Mobile Number:
Vehicle Registration No:
Facebook Name:
Product Details (please supply a full description of the goods that you wish to sell):
Where are your products made:
Price range of products:
Special Requirements:
Public Liability Insurance (see attached copy): Yes / No

Terms & Conditions
 I/We have read and understood the Terms & Conditions of the Community Fete.
 I/We acknowledge my/our agreement to accept them and will abide by them in their entirety.
 I/We consent to information and images of my product/s and stall may be used to promote the event or be used in articles after the event.
 Food Vendor/stall – I/We agree to apply to the City of Rockingham for a Stallholder Permit no later than 14 days before the event and provide a copy of the approval to the College.

Name Signature Date


The event is being held at South Coast Baptist College, 30 Gnangara Drive, Waikiki WA 6169 on the 15th September 2018. It is scheduled to commence at 10:00am and conclude at 2:00pm.

Set-up Time & Pack-Up Time
Set-up time is available from 8:30-9:40am. Pack-up time commences at 2:10pm.

There is parking on-site, however we ask that stall holders park their vehicle in the ‘staff car park’. A map will be provided to you upon confirmation of your booking.

Stall Equipment
Depending on the booking made:
• Undercover Area – Stall owners must stay within their boundary allocated. A trestle table will be provided for the day.
• Food Van/Stall – Depending on which option you have booked. Stall owners who are to supply their own trestle table and/or gazebo. Gazebos are not to exceed 3m x 3m. Trestle tables must stay within the boundary of the gazebo.

What can I sell
You can sell handmade items, arts, crafts, accessories, clothing, jewellery, art, photography, fresh produce.

What can’t I sell
This event is being held on College grounds, so we ask you to not sell live animals, fake or counterfeit items, adult products, etc. If it’s illegal or offensive then we will not permit it at the Open Day.

Bad Weather
We will operate in varying weather conditions, including wet weather. It is the responsibility of the stall holder to bring their own covers, weights to hold down tables & gazebos, for protection in adverse weather conditions.
In the event that we need to re-schedule the Community Fete due to wild weather, we will be in contact with all stall holders/vendors.

There are no refunds for no-shows on the day. Request for refunds must be received in writing three weeks before the date of the event. Please send your email to

Rubbish & Waste
All rubbish and waste from your stall must be taken away with the stall holder.

Payment for a stall will be made by direct deposit. The College will invoice the stall holder/vendor via email once we have reviewed your Application and it has been approved.

Stallholder Public Liability Insurance
Please ensure a copy of your Certificate is received with your Application. Your Application and Certificate can be emailed to

If you do not have public liability insurance, please contact us.

Food Vendors
All operators must clearly display all required licences/certificates. Heating appliances must be out of reach for customers. You must comply with OH&S requirements and carry appropriate safety equipment (e.g. extinguishers, etc). Vendors are responsible for rubbish removal. Vendors to provide their own generator or tagged extension cord. Note that the Health Department may pay a visit during the course of the event.

No vehicles are to enter the premises after 9:20am and prior to 2:10pm. No unauthorised vehicles and trailers are to remain within the College grounds. Speed limit on the grounds is walking pace.

General Guidelines
• The Marketing Team is to be advised via email of any changes being considered to product lines being sold other than those originally noted on the Application Form.
• No live animals (e.g. cats, dogs, etc) are able to be on the College premises.
• No open fires are permitted
• The College reserves the right to deny access to the College if a vendor breaches the Terms & Conditions outlined, or is deemed unacceptable.