August 16th saw SCBC highlight some awesome talent and performances by music students of varying ages.

The evening began with piano solos by Lachlan Goffage (Yr8) and Alexandra Avery (Yr. 7), both pieces were performed with feeling and technique.

We then had year 7 Elouise Watson play a “Million dreams” on Violin from the movie “The greatest showman”. Her finesse and dexterity on the instrument left the audience spellbound.

We then had ensemble performances from year 9 who had a very strong and versatile 4 girl vocal line up, the repertoire ranged from songs by Fleetwood Mac to 21 pilots!

The year 10 students then took to the stage to another level presenting R& B classics which as explained by many parents later, “I just wanted to get up and dance”!

The Modern Jazz Ensemble our resident 14-piece school band then presented R&B and Motown classics with a level of musicality and technique beyond their years. The average age of this group of students is Just 14!

We then finished the evening with special guest artists which included instrumental tutors from other colleges and WAAPA who accompanied our year 12 students Esther Lewis and Tadiwa Mandivengerei present the music of Alicia Keys and Michael Jackson.

Some of these performances will be repeated at the SCBC open day in the M10 studio on Saturday September 8th!