This report includes a couple of recent wins.


As we would expect, SCBC’s results are predominantly above the national average. Taking a closer look, both Year 3 and Tear 9 spelling results are on an upward trajectory. It is foreseeable they will also become above average. The Yr 7 numeracy result is also on an upward angle, and was only 1 point below the national average. Our plan is to be above the national average in all 20 areas no later than the year 2020. I highly commend the work of our skilled literacy and numeracy specialists as they help lead our students into being confident and raising their aspirational expectations for the future. Excellence is a habit.


Congratulations to our footballers for becoming State Champions for the 3rd year in a row. My very amateur phone-photo helps tell a bigger story. Walking towards our students is our resident college Photographer, Mrs Shelley Pearson. She is an award-winning Photographer, who gave up her time on the night to help capture magic moments. Our Director of Football and Coaches aren’t viewable in the picture. Like all SCBC staff, they’re focussed on helping our young people experience the intrinsically rewarding benefit of working hard, then enjoying their moment on the stage. I’m reminded that the virtue of working hard is its own reward. The SCBC staff cheer squad is also not observable. Many staff and parents voluntarily attended the Grand Final, simply to cheer on our students, and to supportively encourage our football staff. And our footballers; their talent and grit earnt them the respect of the opposition and grand final possession of the State trophy. Congratulations!


On the same night of the football final, we had an evening for parents to focus on adolescent mental health. Our presenters were highly respected experts from UWA. Their enthusiasm for the wellbeing of young people was deeply appreciated by everyone attending the event. Many thanks to Mr Jon Lituri for organising the event.


When I walk past our younger children playing in front of their classrooms before school, you can’t but be affected by their uncomplicated joy, their sense of fun, and the ease in which they play and connect with each other in-between bouts of laughter. Winning is defined as gaining ground towards victory. I love the way young people have an instinctive expectation that they will experience happiness and lasting satisfaction.

Beyond excellence in all pursuits, we are surrounded by God’s precious gift of life. Our children remind us that we too should simply expect uncomplicated happiness, and a deep sense of life-satisfaction. The early Greeks used the term eudaimonia i.e. ‘flourishing’.

I leave with you the question … “What does flourishing look like for our children?”

“What does it look like for you?”

Des Mitchel