18 September
We have landed safely and have checked into the hotel in Sanur! Everyone is ready for bed!

19 September
Practicing our best songs for the orphanage/kindy visit. At least we are entertaining!

Had a beautiful morning visiting the smile foundation and the cancer respite house. Students told jokes, danced and we sung a ‘moving’ rendition of wonder wall to cheer up the patients. It was great to donate the medicated powdered milk that is often too expensive for patients to purchase. Thanks goes to the year 11 business students who donated some of their profits from their business ventures to this cause. Time for lunch!!

Dinner at Tootsies on the beach. A great way to finish a fantastic day.

20 September
Big day, Balinese traditional cooking lesson followed by the baby’s orphanage. The food was incredible. Sadly, no photos allowed in the baby’s orphanage, but everyone enjoyed giving cuddles and playing. The orphanage was very appreciative of our donations of toys and nappies.

21 September
Fri-Yay update!!! Awesome day today visiting the kindergarten, the students loved playing Lego, singing, play-doh and hand painting their mural with their names. A real eye-opener today was giving out parcels of rice to the community at the tip at lunchtime and seeing the conditions they live in. The afternoon was spent cheering up the elderly residents at a government old people’s home, again confronted with how little they have and how lonely they must be. Some shopping was done this afternoon, many of us have purchased some highly patterned beach attire ready for some relaxing by the pools side in Lembongdon island next week. We are about to head off to dinner at the night markets!!! Over and out!

22 September
Awesome fun day rafting through magnificent scenery today topped off with the Eagles winning!

23 September
Another brilliant day in Bali today. We spent the day playing games, dancing, singing and doing fun activities at an orphanage in Cangu. Our students did a fantastic job of encouraging and loving the kids and received plenty of love back. We all left the orphanage blessed in different ways and with a greater appreciation of our own family’s and all that we have.

24 September
The good times rolled on today…we caught the ferry to Lembongan this morning where we checked in to our garden villas and then enjoyed delicious pizza overlooking the beach. The afternoon was spent snorkeling off a boat in 3 different locations followed by a drink watching the sun set, then dinner where a Bree, Candice, Emma, Kiana and Mrs Crowther all took to the stage to sing with a local musician.

Almost on our way back!

Will share more stories and pictures in our next newsletter.